Jin Air launches international and domestic cargo service

Jin Air began freight service on seven international and domestic routes on Nov. 1.

The seven are Gimpo-Jeju, Incheon- Cebu, Incheon-Vientiane, Incheon-Macau, Incheon-Hong Kong, Incheon-Okinawa and Incheon-Sapporo routes. Jin Air will annually deliver some 20,000 tons of cargo, except special cargo, by utilizing the surplus cargo rooms of its aircraft B737- 800s.

The low-cost airline formed a task force last September and then prepared to achieve a license for cargo service. On Oct. 8, it gained approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for a change in its air transportation business license to include cargo service. The company was also issued of the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) on Oct. 31, gaining approval for its system for safe navigation, including manpower, facilities, security and navigation system.

An official of Jin Air said the airline’s launch of cargo service is especially significant in that it has helped the company secure a new base for growth to survive in the domestic low-cost airline market, where competition is fierce.


Source / Author: Jin Air

Photo: Jin Air