Clark International Airport Selects ARINC’s vMUSETM

ARINC Incorporated today announced that Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) has signed a three-year contract to upgrade its passenger processing system with ARINC’s vMUSE™ for its airport in Pampanga, Philippines.
ARINC’s vMUSE currently supports more than 300 airlines at over 100 airports worldwide and is a fully functional multi-user system environment that delivers shared passenger and flight information, enabling airlines and airports to run efficiently.
According to figures from the Center for Aviation (CAPA), Clark International Airport (CRK) processed approximately 1.3 million passengers in 2012, a 71.5% increase over 2011. As the number of travellers continued to grow, CRK faced a lack of counter facilities to accommodate such a substantial increase, thus resulting in inefficiency, delayed check-ins and additional expenses due to investment in additional hardware and temporary passenger processing systems.
With the opening of CRK’s new check-in facilities serving both existing and new airlines, the need for a flexible and fully-functional common use check-in solution grew significantly, resulting in the adoption of vMUSE. The system set out to provide advanced network connectivity throughout the airport, eliminating the need for servers, core computing space, and costly technical manpower through the flexibility of sharing resources at check-in counters and gates.
„vMUSE enables us to launch passenger check-in service within minutes anywhere in the airport, thus maximizing space and effectively reducing cost. This also allows the airport to accommodate more airlines, increase operational efficiency and process passengers faster,” said Victor Jose I. Luciano, CIAC President and Chief Executive Officer.
„We are very pleased with the results ARINC has delivered to other airports and we are excited to have them on board to give us an extra boost in our strategic endeavor to implement a technology that is more energy-efficient,” he added.
„As the industry’s leading innovator, ARINC has the expertise to offer scalable solutions to any airport. With lower implementation cost and reduced hardware and support requirements, many airports that could not previously justify common-use solutions can now adopt vMUSE to deliver a more flexible and efficient operation,” said Glen Oliveiro, Director of Aviation and Ground Systems Solutions of ARINC in Asia Pacific.

Source / Author: ARINC