ARC-210 successfully completes first inflight MUOS tests

Rockwell Collins recently collaborated with Lockheed Martin to conduct airborne testing of the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) and the new Wideband Code Divisional Multiple Access (WCDMA) waveform using the latest generation of the ARC-210 airborne software defined radio.

Testing was conducted in two phases. During phase one, a series of ground tests were used to monitor MUOS parameters and collect data for the Lockheed Martin engineering team. The ARC-210 was then mounted into an L-100 Hercules aircraft (commercial variant of a C-130) for airborne testing that covered signal acquisition during various flight profiles at speeds of up to 300 knots. The ARC-210 was able to successfully demonstrate repeatable MUOS signal acquisition, thus becoming the first airborne qualified radio to conduct MUOS testing in a live flight environment.

“This joint testing provided Lockheed Martin with important system operation data,” said Paul Scearce, Lockheed Martin’s director of Military Space Advanced Programs. “The ARC-210 provided consistent, fast processing and locking on to the MUOS channel. MUOS WCDMA will provide in excess of 16 times improvement over legacy waveforms. Along with a modern all-IP dynamic network, MUOS will enable tremendous communications-on-the-move flexibility for the warfighter.”

The ARC-210 radio currently contains both Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) and Integrated Waveform (IW) satellite communications capabilities. With the implementation of the MUOS WCDMA waveform, the ARC-210 radio will provide all Department of Defense UHF SATCOM capabilities.

“Working with Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor for the MUOS system, was a great opportunity for our team,” said Mike Jones, vice president and general manager of Communication and Navigation Products for Rockwell Collins. “They trusted us to provide a terminal capable of supporting their requirements, and the ARC-210 delivered. We look forward to continuing to work together on MUOS.”

With more than 35,000 fielded units, the ARC-210 is the most widely used airborne radio in the Department of Defense, and continues to provide the warfighter with the latest communications capabilities.


Source / Author: Rockwell Collins

Photo: Rockwell Collins