Royal Jordanian Airlines receives TRUEngine* Designation for CF34 Engines

GE has awarded Royal Jordanian Airlines its TRUEngine designation for 12 CF34-10E and six CF34-8E engines powering its fleet of five EMBRAER 195s and three EMBRAER 175s. Royal Jordanian is the first airline in the Middle East/Africa region to receive the TRUEngine designation for the CF34. The agreement was concluded between GE Aviation Services President and CEO Paul McElhinney and Royal Jordanian President/CEO Amer Hadidi at the Dubai Air Show.

“The TRUEngine designation is a valuable way for us to maintain maximum value of our engines while affirming our commitment to OEM quality maintenance,” Hadidi said. “We are proud to be the first CF34 TRUEngine operator in the Middle East.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Royal Jordanian to the CF34 TRUEngine program,” McElhinney said. “The CF34 TRUEngine program has rapidly grown to include more than 600 engines as more carriers recognize the enhanced marketability and higher residual values the program provides.”

Launched in 2008 for the CFM56, the TRUEngine designation provides assurance to owners, operators, and engine buyers that engines qualified as TRUEngine have been maintained in the OEM configuration. Independent studies show that engines maintained with OEM parts and repairs maintain as much as 50% higher resale values compared to engines that include non-OEM parts or repairs. The program has been expanded to include CF6, GEnx and CF34 engines. More than 8,300 engines operated by113 operators have received the TRUEngine designation.

To qualify for TRUEngine status, the engine configuration, overhaul practices, spare parts and repairs used to service an engine must comply with GE-issued engine manuals and other maintenance recommendations. The qualification is obtained through the customer’s declaration of compliance and GE’s verification of customer submitted maintenance records since birth. Benefits include enhanced marketability, extended new part warranty, complimentary access to engine lease pool and optimized product support. For more information, visit

Source / Author: GE Aviation