Aeroflot’s Modular Data Center Named “High-Tech DC of the Year”

Aeroflot’s modular data center (DC) received a prestigious IT award CNews as «High-Tech DC of the Year». CNews AWARDS distinguishes key milestones on the Russian market of information and communication technologies (ICT); the best Russian and international developments in the field of ICT which significantly contributed to the development of new technology industries in Russia, as well as the merits of individual professionals in the field.
The third award ceremony was held today in Moscow as a part of the annual event «CNews Forum 2013: Information Technology Tomorrow». The ceremony was hosted by CNews company, the largest IT and telecommunications media in Russia and the CIS; CNews Conferences agency and CNews Analytics.
The ceremony was attended by top officials of the largest Russian companies — developers and suppliers of IT services and solutions as well as direct customers from various industries actively investing in ICT. Aeroflot was represented by Deputy General Director for Information Technology Kirill Bogdanov.
With the increase in air traffic and the introduction of new highly critical IT services, Aeroflot decided to organize a full-fledged backup data center. The airline needed to ensure the availability of dozens of IT services with a round the clock exploitation and to minimize the total cost of ownership. In 6 months Aeroflot had the modular data center deployed on the base of its own flight complex in Sheremetyevo. The solution includes a product of Technoserv — modular data center «IT Crew» and unique IT infrastructure based on HP equipment designed for specific tasks of Aeroflot.
The creation this modular DC is the first project of such scale in Russia. The data center consists of standard modules and includes 4 server blocks, 4 engineering blocks, warehousing and dispatching units, as well as a block of uninterrupted power supply. DC capacity is 56 standard server racks.
«By now the starting-up and adjustment of our new modular data center at the Aeroflot flight complex at Sheremetyevo Airport has been successfully completed», said Kirill Bogdanov, Aeroflot’s Deputy Director General for IT. «Based on our temporary project requirements during the decision taking period of time and having our own facility and necessary communications, the implemented project has demonstrated its viability along with the classic data center.»
«The developed solution brings together two major trends of the Russian high-tech sector — large scale and speed of deployment. The modular data center of TIER III level was implemented in 6 months, while the creation of such a DC on an individual project would normally take an average of 1.5-2 years. The resulted recognition of the professional community confirms the importance of this particular project, and also means a great perspective for modular technology in general and the modular DC „IT Crew“ — Technoserv’s product — in particular», said Sergey Korneev, Chairman of the Advisory Board of «Technoserv».

Source / Author: Aeroflot