Transaero Airlines continues to expand its inflight connectivity services offering

Transaero Airlines expands capabilities and availability of the Transaero Connect (Internet and mobile communication) service onboard and offers the latest inflight entertainment systems to its passengers.

In August 2012 Transaero became Russia’s first airline to offer high-speed broadband Internet access onboard. The first flight with the service was made on the Moscow-Vladivostok route. At present Transaero passengers can use Inflight connectivity services onboard 13 aircraft of the airline including seven Boeing 747-400, four Boeing 777-300 and two Boeing 737 serving as corporate retainers.

During this winter travel season Transaero passengers can get access to Internet on 12 domestic and international routes from three Moscow airports on widebody aircraft fitted with the necessary equipment.

The airline continues to expand the offering within Transaero Connect program as it started to fit its Boeing 737NG mid-range aircraft with Internet and mobile communication services equipment. During this winter travel season ten Boeing 737-800 aircraft with the integrated Internet access system will be operated from Moscow to popular domestic and international destinations including Sochi, London, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Dubai, Vienna, Yerevan, Shymkent, Aktau, Almaty, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, and Yekaterinburg. The installation of Row44 satellite equipment system, which provides Wi-Fi onboard, is performed by FL Technics, Transaero Engineering Ireland and JAT Technics.

By the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 inflight connectivity services will be available onboard 30 long-haul and mid-haul aircraft of the airline. The airline plans to upgrade nearly all aircraft in its fleet with the necessary assortment of Internet and mobile services onboard.

Transaero’s aircraft are equipped with the most advanced available high-speed inflight Internet access system Ku-Band based on satellite technologies and provided by Panasonic GSC (on Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 long-haul aircraft) and Row44 (on Boeing 737-700/800, and on Boeing 767-300 from 2014) systems.

The advanced GCS system of Panasonic installed on Transaero’s Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777-200/300 aircraft consists of eXConnect and eXPhone systems. eXConnect allows passengers to get Internet access to check e-mail, view Web pages and use social media. Passengers can continue using the Internet connection even moving along the aircraft cabin as the stable connection is automatically maintained by the WAP protocol.

The price of Wi-Fi service during Transaero flights does not depend on the amount of data utilized by an individual user. Connection to high-speed Internet on long-haul flights costs RUB 800 (about $25) for the duration of the flight, or RUB 400 (about $12) per hour. Passengers on medium range flights on Boeing 737NG will pay RUB 600 (about $18) for all-flight Internet connection or RUB 300 ($ 9) per hour. Payment can be made by a credit or debit card on a T-Mobile operator homepage after connecting a personal mobile device to a Wi-Fi network. Payment can be made by a credit or debit card on a T-Mobile operator homepage after connecting a personal mobile device to a Wi-Fi network.

The cost of mobile services is not included in the price of Internet and is paid separately at the rate set by each passenger’s mobile services provider with international roaming charges added. Mobile communications on board of Transaero aircraft is provided by AeroMobile – a leading provider of in-flight GSM communication that is currently allied with more than 200 mobile service operators around the world, including three major Russian companies.

In addition to Transaero Connect services, passengers travelling onboard of all Transaero’s Boeing 777-300 aircraft and a number of Boeing 747-400 aircraft can use Lumexis inflight entertainment system. All the seats are equipped with sensor monitors able to play HD-videos. Navigation of the system can be done through a user friendly menu. Passengers are offered a wide choice of Russian and foreign films, TV shows and interactive games. In 2014 this system will be installed on all Boeing 777-200 aircraft of the airline.

The Airbus 380 and Boeing 747-8 aircraft expected to be delivered to the airline will be equipped with the advanced entertainment system eX3 from Panasonic. It allows watching films in HD quality with surround sound, live broadcasting of major TV channels and provides access to a wide range of Internet services.

Extending the offering of the latest high technology services onboard its aircraft, Transaero aims to further enhance its products and address the needs of its passenger.

Source / Author: Transaero Airlines