Partnership, performance and presence drive Raytheon’s customer focus at 2013 Dubai Airshow

Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) will once again have a major presence at the international Dubai Airshow. Alongside a full complement of the latest technology capabilities on display, executives will meet with a wide range of international customers to demonstrate the performance of innovative new systems and upgrade solutions designed for today’s threat scenarios and market environment.

Raytheon, an international technology leader that conducts business in 80 nations around the world, has a long history of supporting important needs in the Middle East.

„Success in the global marketplace is based on relationships, and Raytheon is proud of its long and sustained history across the Middle East spanning five decades,” said Matt Riddle, president of Raytheon International, Inc. „We partner closely with our customers to help them address and solve their most challenging issues by delivering creative and cost-effective solutions that meet a range of national and civil security requirements.”

Raytheon technologies on display at the Dubai Airshow include:

  • Air Traffic Management – Raytheon’s next-generation AutoTrac III automation system guides all approach and departure traffic in and out of Dubai, one of the world’s busiest airport hubs.
  • Aviation Warrior – A technology that enables a disembarked pilot to have situational awareness and remote targeting in any environment.
  • Patriot – As threats evolve, so does Patriot. The system is protecting nations, reducing costs and providing the world’s most advanced air and missile defense.

As part of its commitment to thought leadership and education in the aerospace and defense industry, Raytheon has scheduled the following media briefings at its chalet.

Date Time Topic
Nov. 18 10:30 a.m. Global Patriot: A Proven Evolution
Tim Glaeser, vice president of Integrated Air and Missile Defense Business Development for Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) business, will discuss how as threats evolve, so does Patriot. Learn more about the premiere missile defense system and how its continual innovations stay a step ahead of evolving threats.
Nov. 19 10:30 a.m. Air Traffic Management: Modernizing Our Skies
Jim McCoy, vice president of Air Traffic Systems for IDS, will demonstrate how new technologies such as AutoTrac III support safer skies with increased capacity to accommodate the anticipated growth of global air traffic.

Raytheon’s success in technology leadership is based upon a strong foundation of, and commitment to, education. Through the company’s MathMovesU® program, Raytheon is fostering student interest in math and science in the U.S. and around the world. „We understand that to inspire students, we need to engage them when they are young, support them during critical middle school years, and continue to build on that support throughout their academic lives,” said Riddle.

An example of the company’s commitment to math and science education in the Middle East is the upcoming launch of Raytheon’s MathAlive!® educational exhibit at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. Customized for regional audiences, MathAlive! is a unique interactive experience designed to spark interest in math and science among students between 7 and 15 years old and inspire them to explore technology-based careers of the future, helping to support and sustain the region’s economy. MathAlive! will be present across the region over the next five years touring a number of venues.

„We believe the fun, immersive, and dual-language MathAlive! exhibit will inspire and excite students to pursue technology-related careers, which fully aligns with and supports the UAE 2030 Vision of developing the next-generation, knowledge-based workforce,” added Riddle.

Source / Author: Raytheon