Ryanair welcomes Belgian court ruling upholding EU Law

Ryanair today (6 Nov) welcomed the ruling by the Charleroi Labour Court dismissing a case taken against Ryanair by a former crew member, which confirmed that Ryanair crew are employed on Irish contracts, operate on Irish registered aircraft (defined as Irish territory) and pay their taxes in Ireland, in accordance with the EU Regulations governing mobile transport workers and the Belgium-Ireland double taxation treaty.

The Charleroi Labour Court’s decision is in line with a previous decision in 2007 when the Mons Appeal Court upheld Ryanair’s position that any dispute regarding contracts of employment should be dealt with through the Irish Courts and mirrors other rulings in Germany, Italy and Spain.

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said:
“Ryanair welcomes this ruling which upholds the EU regulations governing mobile transport workers and which mirrors similar rulings in Germany, Italy and Spain. Since Ryanair crew members spend their working day on Irish aircraft (which is Irish territory), are employed on Irish contracts and pay their taxes and social taxes in Ireland, there is no basis for any claim that they should be subject to Belgian employment law “

Source / Author: Ryanair