Air Mobility Command Museum: C-5A Dedication Ceremony

Please join us on Saturday, 9 November, at 10 a.m. to welcome C-5A 69-0014 to the Air Mobility Command Museum—the first C-5 to be added to any museum!

The short dedication ceremony symbolically transfers the aircraft from the 164th Airlift Wing of the Tennessee Air National Guard. It will be followed by refreshments and guided tours inside the C-5.

Please plan to arrive by 9:30. Seating will be limited so bring lawn chairs if you wish. And don’t forget your camera!

C-5s have been assigned to Dover AFB for over 42 years. The museum’s new C-5 was assigned here at Dover AFB from 1973-1977. The aircraft made its final flight from Tennessee in August and has spent the last few months being prepared for its addition to the AMC Museum’s aircraft collection.

Zero-One-Four had a distinguished early career when it was the only aircraft to ever launch a Minuteman missile in flight. The successful test took place in 1974 off the California coast.

Source / Author: Air Mobility Command Museum