KLM Introduces Innovative Boarding Procedure

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has introduced an innovative new boarding procedure that will apply on three European flights a day out of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

I am proud that KLM is the first airline in the world to develop an innovative boarding procedure of this kind. Apart from ensuring greater comfort for our passengers, the faster boarding procedure will speed up KLM’s turnaround time, which means our aircraft will spend less time on the ground. This will allow us to further optimise our service schedule.
Pieter Elbers, Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer KLM

Research has shown that passengers find the existing boarding procedures inefficient. Before they can take their seat, they often have to queue at the gate and then have to wait for passengers blocking the aisle or window seat. This may lead to delays and frustration.

Experts had already developed theories for optimum boarding, but KLM is the first airline in the world to come up with a solution ensuring faster and more comfortable boarding for passengers.

What does KLM’s innovative boarding procedures entail?
Passengers get a boarding number at the gate. This number is based on their seat in the aircraft. When boarding begins, the numbers are displayed in a sequence on screens at the gate. The order in which the numbers are displayed ensures that passengers with a window seat board first, starting at the rear of the aircraft. They are followed by passengers seated in the midsection of the aircraft, after which the passengers with aisle seats are allowed to board. This ensures that passengers can wait their turn in the comfort of the lounge, instead of waiting in line and having to step over other passengers. As always, disabled passengers and parents with babies will be allowed to board first. SkyPriority passengers are given the lowest numbers and will go on board next.

At present, the new procedure will apply on three flights a day, to Berlin, Budapest and Helsinki. During the trial period, the procedure will be further optimised. KLM intends to expand this boarding procedure to other European and intercontinental flights during the course of the coming year.

Source / Author: KLM