Test Flight of „Air Serbia” Aircraft escorted by military aircraft

The first test flight of Airbus A319 aircraft of „Air Serbia” company was carried out today on route Belgrade-Nis-Belgrade, and another about 15.00 hours to Novi Sad. After that, it flew across Usce, Kalemegdan and Avala.

All the time the aircraft was escorted by the Serbian Armed Forces aircraft „Super Galeb G4” and two MiG-29 fighter jets conducting within the regular flight training – „Escorting Civilian Aircraft”.

Today’s employment of 204th Aviation Brigade is based on the training of members of fighter aviation on the tasks of intercepting, monitoring and identification of civil aircraft.

According to the Commander, Brigadier General Predrag Bandic, civil aircraft hijacking is one of the biggest security threats in today’s world, and today’s activity was an opportunity for members of the domestic Air Force to practice internationally prescribed and accepted procedures applied in the case of civil aircraft hijacking.

Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandar Piposki, who operated one of the MiGs, said that it is a great honor to escort the new plane of the national airline, but that he and his colleagues were primarily focused on the professional side of their task.

Airbus A319 will be presented at the Belgrade airport „Nikola Tesla”, on Friday, 25 October, and the first official flight is scheduled for 26 October.


Source / Author: Serbian Armed Forces