Rockwell Collins PAVES On-demand IFE system to debut on Sichuan Airlines

Rockwell Collins today revealed that Sichuan Airlines will be the launch airline customer for the company’s PAVES™ On-demand in-flight entertainment (IFE) system for 20 new Airbus A319, A320 and A321 aircraft.

PAVES On-demand will be featured in the first-class section of Sichuan’s new Airbus fleet. Passengers will enjoy high-definition entertainment on an intuitive touchscreen, and the airline will benefit from the system’s seat-centric architecture which maximizes reliability. In addition, a quick-release mechanism minimizes maintenance, making it easy to remove and replace in-seat display units immediately.

Sichuan Airlines also selected PAVES™ Broadcast overhead IFE system for the economy cabin. PAVES Broadcast leverages the same on-board media server as PAVES On-demand, reducing weight while providing the airline with unprecedented flexibility to control the loading and unloading of its own digital content.

“We’re honored to be working with Sichuan to deliver our newest and most advanced in-flight entertainment offering,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Cabin Systems for Rockwell Collins. “The complete solution we’re providing with our PAVES On-demand and PAVES Broadcast systems meets the unique mission needs of Sichuan, while satisfying passengers and keeping operating costs down.”

“We see great value in Rockwell Collins’ IFE solution and the strong customer support network it brings,” said Mr. Li Haiying, president, Sichuan Airlines. “More importantly, we know our passengers will be pleased with a solution that they can rely on during their journeys.”

Deliveries of Sichuan’s new Airbus with Rockwell Collins’ PAVES On-demand and Broadcast IFE will begin in early 2015.


Source / Author: Rockwell Collins