Lufthansa: New service: Economy seat reservations when booking in all booking classes

In future, all passengers in Lufthansa Economy Class can choose where to sit in the aircraft cabin the moment they book a flight. From 26 November 2013, they can reserve in advance their preferred seat in Economy Class as well when booking flights on German and European routes. In the mid-price and flexible booking classes in Economy, advance seat reservations will be free. This extends Lufthansa’s free service to passengers in mid-price booking classes. This new seat reservation service was previously only available for flight bookings in the most flexible booking classes. Passengers, who book flights in the lowest-price booking classes, can reserve their preferred seat from the end of November for a fee of ten euros. Such reservations, which were previously not possible, will now be on offer as an additional option. Passengers without an advance seat reservation can naturally still choose a seat free-of-charge at the check-in during the usual 23 hours prior to flight departure. Additionally from the end of November, passengers can make surcharged reservations in seats with more legroom, which are usually in the rows adjacent to the emergency exits in the aircraft cabin. These seats are spaced farther apart from the seat row in front. They have hitherto been allocated only at the check-in at the airport terminal and could not be reserved beforehand. On European flights, Lufthansa will charge per route 20 euros for these exit row seats and 60 euros on intercontinental flights. All the aforementioned additional services remain free-of-charge for HON Circle Members and Senators as well as companions travelling with them. Aside from sales through the Lufthansa Service Center and at Lufthansa ticket counters, these seat reservations from 26 November can initially only be made at travel agencies – they will also be available online from spring 2014 for flights booked at
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