Sagem at the 9th army intelligence forum in Saumur

Sagem (Safran) was in Saumur, western France on October 9 and 10 for the 9th Army Intelligence Forum. Organized by the French army’s intelligence research and training center CEERAT (Centre d’enseignement et d’étude du renseignement de l’armée de Terre), this forum offered about 20 exhibitors and fostered direct discussions between industry, government representatives and operational staff from the French army. These discussions focused on the role of multi-sensor intelligence in operations, the latest technological innovations, military geography and lessons learned from recent operations, especially Operation Serval in Mali.
Sagem, which has its finger on the pulse of armed forces’ needs, underscored its ability to offer solutions covering a broad spectrum of missions: intelligence in severe environments, reconnaissance, targeting, guidance for weapons and support units, damage evaluation, protection of front-line units, etc.

A Patroller tactical drone was featured at the exhibition entrance, with a multi-sensor configuration combining high-resolution optronics and communication intelligence (Comint) sensors for radio-communications detection, analysis, location-determination and monitoring.
Sagem conducted tests of the Patroller drone in this configuration in the summer. During these flight tests, the electronic warfare sensor demonstrated direction-finding accuracy that meets armed forces requirements. Following wide-field-of-view detection by the Comint payload, the optronic sensors in Sagem’s Euroflir 410 day/night gyrostabilized pod can be pointed at suspect emissions to identify their characteristics and determine their location.
Patroller’s sensors are operated from a ground station that ensures the real-time fusion of image and electromagnetic data.

Offering endurance of more than 20 hours, the Patroller drone system can be deployed for intelligence data analysis centers, support to a tactical battle group, or transmit targeting information to effectors (artillery, aircraft, etc.). The Patroller system features a modular architecture, based on the one-ton class Stemme S15 aircraft, and a ground station that complies with NATO interoperability standards (Stanag 4609) for intelligence sharing. The Patroller drone is the ideal solution for the French tactical drone program, which aims replace the French army’s current Sperwer drones.

Sagem also offers the JIM LR (Long Range) family of long-range infrared binoculars for search teams and forward observers. The latest version features video recording and data fusion capabilities, day/night image fusion to see through camouflage, an infrared anti-glare function and a laser pointer with a range of 2500 meters. Sagem has also expanded the operating scope of the JIM LR by proposing its installation at the top of a telescopic mast for reconnaissance vehicles. Presented for the first time in France, this configuration enables troops to carry out intelligence missions while remaining protected by their vehicle, and also extends the surveillance zone, especially in urban environments. These binoculars can also be used as mobile units by dismounted warfighters.

More than 5000 JIM LR units are in service or under order to date, including 2,000 for French armed forces. Built in Poitiers, JIM LR binoculars are already deployed by the 2nd Regiment of the Intelligence Brigade.

Source / Author: Sagem