National Museum of Nuclear Science & History: National Nuclear Science Week

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will celebrate the week with different hands-on educational activities each day. Nearly 1,000 local students will visit the Museum throughout the week, where they will measure their exposure to radiation, simulate a nuclear chain reaction, see how alpha, beta and gamma particles penetrate different substances, demonstrate how electricity is generated in a table top power plant, learn the value of nuclear medicine, and explore the facts (and fiction) of nuclear energy.

National Nuclear Science Week 2013 is a national, broadly observed recognition of how human knowledge has directed the energy of our most fundamental component, the atom, to the service and progress of our communities and world. It is intended to advance public and industry awareness of the key benefits and to recognize the professionals who lead and manage these organizations.

National Nuclear Science Week has the theme „Get to Know Nuclear.” The goal of the week is to encourage education, participation and communication around themes that are promoted on each day of the week. The days provide platforms for learning and exploration of nuclear sciences, careers in the nuclear field, energy generation, nuclear safety and nuclear medicine and radiology.

To learn more, visit, which features a „celebration guide” that includes free tips and tools on how to participate. There are also suggestions for activities each day of the week.

National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

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