JAL and JAPAN POST to Promote Japanese Food Exports to Singapore

Japan Airlines (hereinafter „JAL”) and Japan Post Co., Ltd. (hereinafter „Japan Post”) will support the promotion of Japanese food exports to Singapore(*1)at Oishii Japan 2013, a Japanese food trade show fair in Singapore (October 17-19, 2013), through Cool EMS (*1), Japan Post’s shortest next day delivery service of fresh foods on JAL flights, as Oishii Japan 2013 partners companies.


1. Promoting Japanese food exports through EC (Electric Commerce, online shopping)

(1)Joint exhibit at Oishii Japan 2013

JAL and Japan Post will present a joint exhibit with EC businesses (*2), selling fresh Japanese food to overseas customers, at Oishii Japan 2013 to introduce Cool EMS, an express door to door cool delivery service to Singapore.

(2)Expansion and support of EC businesses

„Overseas online shopping website links” on Japan Post’s international mail webpage introduces EC businesses selling fresh Japanese food to overseas consumers to support EC businesses in expanding their sales channels overseas.

(Overseas online shopping website links: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/link/index_en.html)

2. Convenient overseas door to door cool delivery

Japan Post provides door to door cool delivery of fresh Japanese food to Singapore with the same convenience as delivery in Japan, in cooperation with overseas transfer service providers (*3).

Even after Oishii Japan 2013 closes, seafood and farm products from around Japan can be delivered fresh in the smallest amounts. For example, it will be possible to deliver samples of Japanese food to buyers in Singapore, or to send products after completion of negotiations.

3. Others

JAL and Japan Post will work together to expand the regions of Cool EMS Service. Furthermore, a door to door express delivery service of frozen foods to overseas destinations is planned for launching in FY2014. We will continue to support businesses exporting fresh Japanese food by providing cool delivery and expanding overseas sales channels.

*1 Cool EMS is a express delivery service at constant temperatures (2~10 degrees C), using refrigerated containers and refrigerants, to Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan in approx. 72 hours`80 hours from acceptance of the items to delivery. Trials began on April 1, 2013.

*2 EC Businesses participating in the joint exhibit with JAL and Japan Post at Oishii Japan 2013 are as follows.

A. Yu-NetService Co., Ltd.

Yu-NetService Co., Ltd. delivers selected fresh Japanese food using Cool EMS. You can enjoy raw tiger swellfish and red sea bream(sashimi), plump and tasty fruits and seasoned cod roe, etc delivered directly from Japan.

cool ems 1 cool ems 2


JUGANI JAPAN delivers fresh boiled crab using Cool EMS. Especially, the most delicious Kegani of the season can be delivered directly from Hokkaido, Japan.

cool ems 3

*3 Overseas forwarding service providers are introduced in http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/link/sougou_en.html

Cool EMS will be used to deliver fresh foodstuffs from Japan to Singapore by some Oishii Japan 2013 participants.

Source / Author: JAL