Mahan Air began the process of renovating seats in A300-600 aircrafts

In order to improve the customer satisfaction we as Mahan air, have renovated, modernized and replaced the whole seats of one of the A300-600 aircrafts with new technology seats of the world. These modern seats will replace with the old ones on all types of A300-600 aircrafts.

According to technical and engineering DMD and reported by communication and international relations department, by enlarging business class area and installing bed seats, passengers feel more comforts and reliefs during the flight.

These new modern seats made of classy and durable materials in authorized company and have been tested many times, so these seats are super standard. The price of each modern business class seat is equivalent to a Mercedes car.

These seats made in Italy using American Equipments. Additionally, moreover the seats, inside the cabin, its color, the equipments as the carpet, toilet… have been renovated.

Source / Author: Mahan Air