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Aberdeen: Passenger numbers September 2013

Nearly 322,000 people used Aberdeen International Airport in the month of September, according to figures just released.

Passenger statistics for the month have been published, and show a growth of 6.3% on the previous year. Fixed-wing flights grew by 9.7%, reflecting steady growth as well as an influx of passengers for Offshore Europe 2013. Helicopter numbers showed a further reduction of 13.3%.

Carol Benzie, who is the newly appointed airport MD, said September had been a strong month. “The week of Offshore Europe saw a huge influx of passengers as we expected. Our operational planning and engagement with airline and retail partners meant that week went well. We are also continuing to see underlying growth reflecting through in these figures and show a strong performance in Aberdeen. Recent news of the launch of some key services, such as Riga and Oslo, will ensure that this underlying growth continues. Of course we continue to monitor and engage on the issues facing Aberdeen’s helicopter fleet operators and we will continue to work in partnership with them throughout.

Source / Author: Aberdeen Airport

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