ARINC Installs 500th VHF Digital Data Link Ground Station GLOBALink by ARINC

ARINC Incorporated today announced that it has added its 500th Very High Frequency Digital Link (VDL) Mode 2 ground station to its worldwide GLOBALink network. GLOBALink VDL Mode 2 is ARINC’s digital data link service, which delivers superior performance compared to existing analog networks by enabling digital transmissions to replace voice communications. With this most recent installation, ARINC, the leader in development and deployment of VDL Mode 2 technology, now has ground stations operational in over 30 countries around the world.
ARINC’s GLOBALink air-to-ground data link network provides highly reliable and secure communications for aircraft operators. The GLOBALink network is used by the FAA and other Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) around the world to deliver Air Traffic Services messages to improve air space efficiency and utilization. Under contract to Harris Corporation, ARINC is facilitating deployment of the Data Communications Network Services (DCNS) portion of the FAA’s NextGen Data Communications Integrated Services (DCIS) Program. Aircraft digital data communication is one of the primary components of the FAA’s NextGen system. The FAA’s DCIS program will enable real-time communication between air traffic controllers and flight crews via digital data transmissions that replace analog voice technology. “ARINC’s next generation data link solutions will help airlines take advantage of better flight paths, improve flight operations decision making and improve surface movement at airports,” said Ron Hawkins, Vice President of Commercial Aviation Solutions at ARINC. “As the largest aeronautical data link provider in the world, ARINC is providing real-time reporting of the critical flight information airlines rely on to maximize performance, safety, and operational integrity.”
ARINC will be demonstrating its GLOBALink technology in Booth #1 at the 58th ATCA Annual Conference & Exposition, at Washington DC’s National Harbor, October 21st-23rd, 2013

Source / Author: ARINC