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Saab receives launch order for new Acro seats from Braathens Regional

Defence and security company Saab have received an order for new Acro seats in Braathens Regionals 340/2000 fleet, and thereby will Braathens Regional be the launch customer for the modification.

The seats are one of a series of upcoming modifications to adapt the aircraft into the next 25 years of operations and in line with our long term commitment to the fleet.

The lightweight Acro seats have been developed in cooperation between Saab and Acro, where Acro was responsible for the seat design adapted to the Saab footprint and Saab was responsible for the type certification into the Saab aircraft. The seat modification is thereby available via a Saab Service Bulletin which makes a modified aircraft fully transferable between countries. The seats are sold and distributed exclusively through Saab

The seats offer, in addition to customer appeal, a substantial weight reduction, additional legroom and reduced maintenance due to a robust, modular, easy-clean structure. The seats have a basic lead time of merely 16 weeks.

Source / Author: Saab

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