Young women go tech with Air Force

Serving in the Air Force is an exciting and fulfilling job, particularly when you have the opportunity to work on and develop advanced and sophisticated technical equipment.

This week, 12 young women from the Riverina and the ACT are getting the rare chance to do just that at the inaugural Tech Camp, at RAAF Base Wagga.

Tech Camp is a four-day residential program aimed solely at young women who have an interest in aviation technical and engineering trades.

Held from 1 to 4 October, the activity is designed to give participants a comprehensive overview of life in the Air Force.

Deputy Director of Air Force Workforce Diversity, Wing Commander Llani Kennealy, said the dynamic program will include participating in leadership activities and having hands-on experience working on Air Force equipment.

“Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the program is that the girls will get to mix with serving Air Force technicians to talk about their roles and personal experiences, and what motivated them to join the Air Force,” she said.

“The girls will also experience simulated weapons training, light physical training and supervised social events with female Air Force personnel and mentors.”

Wing Commander Kennealy said Tech Camp is one of several initiatives introduced by the Air Force to demonstrate its strong commitment to being an employer of choice.

“Over the past 12 months or more we have implemented a number of programs to provide more flexible working arrangements and diversify our workforce.

“For example, this year we introduced the Recruit to Area scheme, which is designed to allow women who join in specific roles to gain an agreement from the Air Force on where they will be posted for the first three years after completing their initial training.

“It can be their home location or another locality.

“The scheme is open to several technical and engineering roles and we believe it will provide a great incentive for women to join.”

Source / Author: RAAF