Eurocontrol: Europe’s single voice at ICAO

Following the 12th Air Navigation Conference in 2012, the ICAO Assembly is currently meeting and is expected to endorse both the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) and the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP).

Europe has played a significant role in the development of these plans, which are fully in line with the ATM advances currently underway, including the European ATM Master Plan.  Europehas submitted two ATM working papers and four safety working papers, drafted by the European Commission, ECAC (the European Civil Aviation Conference) and EUROCONTROL in consultation with EASA, EUROCAE and the SESAR Joint Undertaking, and agreed by all member States.

The first ATM working paper recommends endorsing the GANP and proposes how it could be further strengthened in its next iteration while the second sets out how the ICAO Work Programme could be better prioritised.

In addition, a joint European Information Paper presents the past, ongoing and planned interoperability demonstrations being part of the SESAR Joint Undertaking work programme.

The safety working papers include topics such as the European regional perspective on safety management and the difficulties encountered during major investigations.

Present at the Assembly is EUROCONTROL’s Director General, Frank Brenner. Details of the Assembly, together with the documentation, can be found on the ICAO website.

Source / Author: Eurocontrol