SmartStem® Wireless Tire Pressure System certified for Boeing 737NG Aircraft

  • Crane Aerospace & Electronics, a segment of Crane Co. (NYSE:CR), has announced the approval of its SmartStem® Wireless Tire Pressure system for use on Boeing 737NG aircraft.
  • The 737NG SmartStem system provides a significantly improved alternative to manual aircraft tire pressure measurement.
  • Crane’s patented technology offers a means to check tire pressure quickly, accurately and without gas loss, for improved safety.
  • Each system consists of high-accuracy SmartStem sensors, which replace the existing wheel-fitted, tire inflation valves, and a Handheld Reader, which wirelessly reads each sensor in order to compute and then store tire pressure and temperature.
  • Operators now have the ability to access to tire inflation data that enable preventative maintenance while avoiding in-service issues related to low tire with an associated improvement in dispatch reliability.
  • Crane is currently working with together with aircraft manufacturers and the FAA to secure certifications that enable retrofit solutions.
  • SmartStem technology is also certified for a variety existing aircraft including the 747-8, 777 and 787 Boeing aircraft and numerous business jets.

Source / Author: Crane Aerospace & Electronics