Honeywell Innovation Enhances Safety And Efficiency For Bombardier Cseries Aircraft

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) technology supported the successful first flight of the Bombardier CSeries* aircraft. As a major supplier to the CSeries aircraft program, Honeywell provides the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), LASEREF VI Inertial Reference Unit and emergency locator transmitter (ELT) as standard equipment on all new deliveries for increased fuel efficiency, advanced navigation and enhanced safety.

“Honeywell’s innovative technology helps to reduce emissions, increase operational efficiency and enhance safety features on Bombardier*’s CSeries aircraft,” said John Todd, vice president at Honeywell Aerospace. “We are excited to work alongside Bombardier in bringing this clean-sheet designed, next-generation, single-aisle aircraft to future operators.”

Honeywell’s Technology on the CSeries aircraft

Honeywell’s APU for the new CSeries aircraft is the 131-9C, which is derived from Honeywell’s 131-9, the most commonly used APU for single-aisle commercial transport. An APU is a gas turbine engine that provides an aircraft’s electrical and bleed air power. The 131-9 family offers improved fuel efficiency and reliability and, most recently, passed the 100-million-hour mark for service across all airframes — the equivalent of 50,000 years across all airframes. In addition, the 131-9C APU will incorporate new combustion design with lower emissions for a reduced carbon footprint.

The LASEREF VI Inertial Reference Unit is an all-digital, high-performance ring laser gyro system used for inertial navigation. Its advanced features will enable more precise landing and reduce operational and maintenance costs for the CSeries aircraft. The LASEREF VI aboard the CSeries aircraft provides a 50 percent reduction in box size and a 30 percent reduction in weight and power consumption, compared with similar systems. Its advanced navigation performance will allow CSeries aircraft customers to minimize delays due to weather and maximize fuel efficiency.

The emergency locator transmitter is a distress radio beacon for commercial aircraft that aids in the detection and location of aircraft and people in distress. The ELT for the CSeries aircraft is a new design, resulting in lighter weight and reduced size for the transponder.

Honeywell has a long-standing partnership with Bombardier on commercial aircraft programs including the CRJ* family of regional jets, Q-Series* regional turboprops, and now the all-new CS100* and CS300* commercial airliners. The new CSeries family of aircraft is optimized for the single-aisle, 100- to 149-seat market segment and is being developed by Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace.

“We selected Honeywell to be a part of our new CSeries aircraft program for its advanced technology and industry expertise. Once again, Honeywell has demonstrated its capabilities and commitment to the program leading up to our successful first flight,” said Rob Dewar, vice president, CSeries, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

Source / AUthor: Honeywell