GE Aviation Announces New TRUEngine* LLP Designation

GE Aviation is launching the TRUEngine LLP program, which offers the industry an easy means of evaluating the operating history of used life-limited parts (LLP).

“The TRUEngine LLP designation is a proactive answer to customer requests for a reliable means of identifying life-limited parts that have always operated in OEM configuration,” said Tom Levin, General Manager Materials Services. “This extension of our TRUEngine program will help operators support the value of their assets and assure optimized OEM technical support.”

To earn the TRUEngine LLP designation, LLP are subjected to a rigorous back-to-birth records audit and engineering review to evaluate their configuration and maintenance history relative to airworthiness limitations substantiated by GE and documented in the engine manual. LLP will be qualified at the part level and at a specific time-since-new and cycles-since-new.

Life-limited parts are the most critical engine components and include rotating components such as disks, spools and shafts. Life limits are established using a rigorous methodology that is applied to both individual parts as well as the engine system. Systems-level analysis is critical because some non-life-limited “influencing parts” like turbine blades and seals can significantly impact durability of LLP.

TRUEngine LLP will be rolled out in stages and ultimately will cover the CFM56*, CF34, CF6, GE90, and GEnx product lines. TRUEngine LLP documentation will accompany future LLP sold through GE Aviation’s materials business, the largest source of used serviceable material for GE Aviation engines.

Launched in 2008, the TRUEngine designation provides assurance to owners, operators, and engine buyers that engines qualified as TRUEngine have been maintained in the OEM configuration. Independent studies show that engines maintained with OEM parts and repairs maintain as much as 50% higher asset values compared to engines that include non-OEM parts or repairs. More than 8,200 engines operated by 111 operators have received the TRUEngine designation.

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Source / Author: GE Aviation