Aeroflot: Press Message On 50 Boeing-737 Operational Leasing Deal

The information that has earlier appeared in the media claiming Aeroflot might pay a double price against the catalogue for operational lease of 50 Boeing-737 Next Generation aircrafts is a fact mistake. The figures presented in such publications were misinterpreted.

The declared sum of the deal, $7,47 billion, is an overall price including leasing contract itself; 6-year prolongation option; $1,9 billion for technical maintenance reserve; cost of financing during the lease and covering all other risks that may appear.

It should be taken into consideration that the abovementioned insurance reserves for technical maintenance will not be charged since Aeroflot is the most reliable operator and partner in the Russian Federation. Also, the flag carrier will not necessarily require lease extension for 6 more years. This limits the final cost of the 12 years lease contract for 50 Boeing-737 aircrafts to $3.5 billion which is $700 million less than the estimated cost announced 3 years ago.

Source / AUthor: Aeroflot