Aviation Professionals Gather in Wichita for 17th Bombardier Safety Standdown U.S.A.

Bombardier Aerospace today took another concrete step to improve aviation safety with the announcement that its 17th annual Safety Standdown U.S.A. will take place at the Hyatt Regency Wichita in Wichita, KS from September 30 to October 3, 2013.

Safer skies are the mission of Bombardier’s Safety Standdown program. Its mission is achieved by creating a community of aviation professionals committed to lifelong learning and to higher standards of safety and professionalism throughout the industry. All Safety aviation professionals, regardless of aircraft type operated, are invited to attend Standdown U.S.A., free of charge, to participate in training sessions and workshops on the most pressing topics in aviation safety, presented by the foremost experts.

„Safe skies make good business sense,” said Steve Ridolfi, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. „Not only for Bombardier, but for all manufacturers and operators whose success is dependent on their ability to get customers and cargo safely from one place to the next.”

Originally conceived in 1996 as a safety-training event for the Learjet flight demonstration team, the conference quickly garnered a reputation for excellence beyond Bombardier’s customer base. In 1999, in response to growing interest within the industry, Bombardier opened the seminar to all pilots. As of June 2013, more than 6,700 corporate, commercial and military pilots, crew members, maintenance personnel, flight department managers and owners have graduated from Safety Standdown Seminars around the world.

Safety Standdown alumni see the value of the program and return year-after-year to keep abreast of the latest in aviation safety. „Bombardier is not only making safe airplanes, but they are also making safer pilots. Although immeasurable, if the Safety Standdown has prevented just one accident or incident in 16 years, it is all worth it,” said Bryan Ward, Safety Officer of Family Video.

Safety Standdown U.S.A. 2013

For its 17th edition, Safety Standdown U.S.A will feature an impressive team of experts. Dr. Tony Kern, Senior Partner at Convergent Performance, and expert on professionalism and human factors, will immerse participants in experience called The Zoology of Safety. „Man is a part of nature and, as such, our survival hinges on the same two forces that impact survival in the rest of the natural world – awareness and adaptation,” says Kern. „Keys to safety, survival and growth are all linked to the aviation environment. Participants will leave with a fresh perspective on how they view safety and ensure it at work,” he added.

This year’s speakers and presenters include Federal Aviation Administration Deputy Administrator, Michael Whitaker, the Honorable Mark Rosekind, Member of the National Transportation Safety board (NTSB); Al Gorthy of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Don Loucks of Safety and Security Audits, LLC., who will present on topics related to fatigue, professionalism and personal responsibility. The full agenda, on-line registration and additional details are available at www.safetystanddown.com.

Eugene Cernan Safety Award

A highlight of Safety Standdown U.S.A will be the presentation of the 2nd annual Eugene Cernan Safety Award to an outstanding aviation professional and Safety Standdown alumni who has gone above and beyond professional expectations, during a gala dinner on October 1st by its namesake, Captain Eugene Cernan, NASA (ret.), Commander Apollo XVII.

Source / Author: Bombardier