ARINC Awarded Contract for DCNS portion of FAA’s NextGen Data Communications Program

 ARINC Incorporated today announced that it has begun work on the Data Communications Network Services (DCNS) portion of the FAA’s Data Communications Integrated Services (DCIS) program as part of a seven-year, $150 million contract awarded last month to Harris Corporation. The commencement of the work represents a major milestone in the existing DCIS contract, which was awarded to Harris in September 2012.

The DCNS contract is an essential part of the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transport System (NextGen) initiative to enable real-time communication between controllers and flight crews by replacing analog voice technology with digital data transmissions. The initiative will allow aircraft to fly safer, more fuel-efficient routes and ease congestion in major metropolitan areas nationwide.

Under DCNS, ARINC is providing data communications network services that will help the FAA integrate its end-to-end data communications system. ARINC’s services include enabling Communications Service Provider (CSP) network access and providing professional services for the engineering, test, integration and implementation of DCNS into the greater Data Communications system.

„ARINC’s relationship with the FAA reaches back over 50 years,” said John M. Belcher, ARINC Chairman and CEO. „Our DCNS work will tackle some of the most crucial issues in the aviation industry—saving fuel, reducing flight times and increasing air traffic capacity. We are proud to be building on our industry-leading legacy by providing solutions that have met the aviation needs of the past and will help solve the challenges of the future.”

ARINC has over 80 years experience working in the commercial air travel industry. ARINC’s Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) first bridged the air and ground with revolutionary data link technology in 1978, reducing crew workload and creating previously unknown operational efficiencies. Today, over 300 airlines and 15,000 aircraft around the world rely on ACARS® and the GLOBALinkSM infrastructure for these critical communications.

Source / Author: ARINC