AIAC congratulates Bombardier Aerospace on CSeries’ successful first flight

Today Jim Quick, President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, issued the following statement on the occasion of the first flight of Bombardier Aerospace’s CSeries aircraft:

On behalf of the members of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, I sincerely congratulate Bombardier Aerospace on the first flight of the CSeries aircraft. Newly designed from the ground up, the CSeries possesses new technologies that make it one of the most advanced aircraft on the market. The product of years of research and engineering, the CSeries is a clear example of the excellence that the Canadian aerospace industry continues to demonstrate in the global aerospace market.

Today’s successful flight is very good news for our industry and for all Canadians. An estimated 12,000 Canadian jobs are expected to be created in support of the CSeries platform, and the involvement of Canadian suppliers in providing the products and technologies that have gone into the platform will strengthen our supply chain and our ability to export and compete around the world.

Bombardier has long been an aerospace leader here in Canada and around the world, and the milestone we have witnessed today signals the important contributions this company continues to make to the industry. We commend Bombardier and all of their suppliers for the innovation and hard work that has gone into this platform and extend our very best wishes as the CSeries continues to move through the testing process.

Source / Author: AIAC