PT6A Engines to Power Agricultural Aircraft Converted by Cascade

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has signed a five-year agreement with Cascade Aircraft Conversions, LLC. to provide PT6A engines for agricultural operators who elect to upgrade their aircraft engines. P&WC is a United Technologies Corp. company (NYSE:UTX).

Under the agreement, P&WC will supply PT6A-11AG, -15AG and -34AG engines for conversions that are accompanied by the installation of the Cascade Pressure Cowl. This airframe modification optimizes airflow to the engine while maintaining the filtering capabilities required on agricultural aircraft. „This conversion program provides operators of mature aircraft the opportunity to upgrade to PT6A turbine engine power and reliability, and increase productivity, while benefiting from P&WC’s world-class aftermarket support,” said Denis Parisien, Vice President, General Aviation, P&WC.

„We are delighted to be able to offer PT6 engines to our customers,” said Doran Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of Cascade Aircraft Conversions, noting that there has been growing demand from agricultural operators for his company to offer PT6A engine conversion services. „With P&WC’s legendary support and service and the proven performance enhancement of the Cascade Pressure Cowl, we have a home run on our hands!” Rogers added that the agreement is particularly timely as P&WC is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the PT6 engine this year.

The PT6 engine was P&WC’s first small gas turbine engine and has continued to evolve with customer needs through the application of innovative technology. Since the PT6 engine was first launched, the P&WC team has consistently injected new technologies with each new version, redefining the possibilities of flight, making single-engine Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) revenue flights possible and propelling the industry forward.

Known around the world for its reliability and durability, the PT6 has captured more than 130 applications for the General Aviation market, including business, commuter, utility, helicopter and trainer aircraft. With more than 52,000 engines produced and more than 390 million hours flown over the past 50 years, the PT6 is the world’s most popular engine in its class. Compared to the first PT6A model, today’s family is up to four times more powerful, with a 40% better power-to-weight ratio and up to 20% better specific fuel consumption (SFC).

Source / Author: Pratt & Whitney Canada