Rockwell Collins’ simulator image projection system selected by Turkish Airlines

Rockwell Collins today announced that Turkish Airlines has selected its industry-leading EP®-8000 image generation and newest liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) projection systems for its entire flight simulation platform, which includes nine simulators. Deliveries will occur later this year.

Rockwell Collins’ EP-8000 features the industry’s most advanced projection technology for producing high-fidelity realism over large areas. By selecting the system for all of its simulators, this realism, especially for airports, will be common across all Turkish Airlines simulators for consistent training.

“The learning experience gained by trainees through the high-fidelity realism of this state-of-the-art graphic system is invaluable and Turkish Airlines pilots will be better prepared for real-life situations,” said LeAnn Ridgeway, vice president and general manager, Simulation and Training Solutions for Rockwell Collins.

Turkish Airlines will also realize lower cost of ownership through commercial off-the-shelf components and software programmable technology for all graphic rendering, and benefit from instant access to Rockwell Collins’ support infrastructure and sparing. Rockwell Collins’ EP-8000 image generation and LCoS projection system is proven, having achieved Level D certification from governing authorities on various flight simulators.

The EP-8000 is available for both commercial and military training platforms and features:

  • Near eye-limiting resolution driving very high resolution displays
  • Real-world scene density and depth complexity
  • Sub-meter, out-the-window and sensor imagery over very large areas
  • Real-world correlated lighting, atmospherics, and special effects
  • An economically upgradeable graphics pipeline
  • The largest dedicated texture memory in the industry for high-resolution imagery
  • Industry-leading reliability and maintainability

Source / Author: Rockwell Collins