Ukraine entrusts modernisation ofSsimferopol’s air traffic management system to Indra

Indra was awarded the contract to implement its air traffic control system in the control centre of Simferopol airport in Ukraine. This project is part of the progressive modernisation of air navigation infrastructure that UkSATSE, the country’s air navigation services provider, is carrying out.

The Indra solution will support en route air traffic management in the entire region assigned to Simferopol, as well as approaches to the airport and tower service. This same system is already in operation in Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Kharkiv.

This new contract shows the confidence UkSATSE has in the multinational’s solutions. The automated management system will make it possible to handle a greater volume of air traffic from Simferopol, while increasing safety and efficiency.

Source / Author: Indra