The ANTONOV Company and Aviakor aviation plant JSC are directed to create a joint venture

On 27 August 2013, at MAKS−2013 opening day, the ANTONOV Company and Aviakor aviation plant JSC signed Communication map of joint venture establishment on the Program of the AN−140 family development within minutes of the 5th Ukrainian−Russian international committee meetings of 12 July 2012, approved by Victor Yanukovich, President of Ukraine, and Volodymyr Putin, President of Russian Federation.

This project’s principal object is working out an effective strategy of joint realization of the Program of the AN−140 family development keeping interests of every party.

The Communication map supposed forming the working group of specialists of joint venture’s enterprise−participants that will work out a number of documents, necessary for the further advancement of the AN−140 program, including draft of a business−plan. Partners will prepare substantiations for Ukrainian and Russian authorities to take a decision about necessity of the joint venture establishment and to provide governmental support for the Program realization from both states.

After the ceremony of the Communication map signing Aleksey Gusev, General Director of Aviakor aviation plant, noted: “High potential of the AN−140 competitiveness is clear to us. It has good commercial prospects and we are quite sure in their realization while jointly working with Ukraine”.

When giving comments to the completed event, Dmytro Kiva, President – General Designer of the ANTONOV Company, said in particular: “Aircraft is always created in wide cooperation, but nowadays a customer should contact only one company−integrator. Antonov aircraft are being created in cooperation with hundreds of Ukrainian and Russian companies. Last year Presidents of our countries took a decision about joint ventures establishment, aimed to achievement of commercial progress of certain programs, to provide necessary level of competitiveness of domestic aircraft. Today, we have made an important step towards the AN−140 program further development, and first of all it is directed at increasing responsibility of this airplane creators to its customers”.

Source / Author: Antonov