Interactive city tour on Lufthansa Instagram

Two female Berlin bloggers will be on tour for Lufthansa from Wednesday, 21st August to Friday, 23rd August at Frankfurt Airport and in the city centre. They will document their trip on the Lufthansa Instagram channel under the hashtag #FRAspots. Lufthansa wants to provide its customers in an entertaining way with a look at their home base from a new perspective and offer inspiration for future trips to or via Frankfurt. The special feature of the campaign: where Angelika Schwaff (Reisefreunde) and Yvonne Zagermann (justtravelous) will eat their breakfast, where they will shop and whether cultural or culinary factors will decide their evening’s programme, will be decided by the Web community: on Facebook, Lufthansa fans will vote on the City Spotters’ daily programme. In addition, Angelika and Yvonne will write about their experiences „in FRA” for the Lufthansa Stories blog. As of Tuesday, 27th August, the Instagram photos will be followed by the detailed blog article.

In September and October there will be a further three city tours with attractive photos, when Lufthansa, in cooperation with the German Tourist Board, sends a total of six bloggers on exploratory tours of Hamburg, Cologne and the Munich Oktoberfest.

Lufthansa launched its Instagram channel in June this year with the #DeinBerliner campaign: an optimal platform to offer discoverers travel ideas or a look behind the scenes, because it is well-known that pictures say more than a thousand words. Currently, the airline has more than 4,000 followers on the web platform with the square photos.

Source / Author: Lufthansa