Supplemental Type Certificate for the Kollsman AT-HUD™ and EVS II Benefits Challenger 604 Owners

Elbit Systems of America, LLC, (ESA) a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., announced that the FAA issued ESA’s Commercial Aviation – Kollsman business unit a „lower landing credit” approved Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Kollsman Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) on the Challenger 604. This STC includes the Kollsman EVS II and the brand new Kollsman Advanced Technology Head-Up Display (AT-HUD™).The lightweight/compact combined system allows Challenger 604 owners a host of operational benefits granted by the FAA including lower landing credits.

The Kollsman EFVS allows pilots to safely taxi, take-off, and land in total darkness, fog, rain, snow, smoke, and other reduced visibility conditions. Under FAR 91.175 a certified EFVS allows a pilot to descend below decision height (DH/DA) on most airports regardless of ground-based infrastructure. This benefit applies to both precision and non-precision approaches for business jets and commercial aircraft. The results are an increase in safety and a significant reduction in flight operation delays providing the FAA a cornerstone in their „aircraft centric” Next Gen Aerospace plan.

Commenting on this milestone, Elbit Systems of America President and CEO, Raanan Horowitz, stated, „Since the development and certification of the first EVS, our Enhanced Vision Systems have offered the aviation industry increased flexibility and safety. We are proud to have certified a complete EFVS (HUD and EVS) solution for the Challenger retrofit market and look forward to continuing our legacy in commercial aviation.”

Commercial Aviation-Kollsman leads the industry in Enhanced Vision technology certifying the first EVS in 2001. The Kollsman EVS is certified and installed on 13 aircraft models including business jets and Part 121 aircraft with over 1,200 systems delivered to date. Commercial Aviation-Kollsman and Jetcraft (a major Kollsman EFVS distributor) joined forces to market and sell the Kollsman EVS II and AT-HUD™ to the retrofit business jet segment of the aviation industry. Jetcraft secured the launch customer for the CL-604 certification effort and has proven a valuable ally in promoting the benefits of Enhanced Vision.

Source / Author: Elbit Systems