Key Airbus Military A400M training devices enter service

Two of the most advanced aids for use in training crews in operating the A400M new generation airlifter have entered service at the Airbus Military International Training Centre in Seville. Following an intensive evaluation of the A400M Full Flight Simulator (photo above right), EASA has recommended the issuance of an Interim Level C Qualification and it will enter service immediately. Indeed, from its very first week of service Airbus Military plans to use the device for up to 22 hours per day, an indication of the Company’s confidence in the robustness of this ground-breaking simulator.

At the same time the Cargo Hold Trainer – Enhanced (CHT-E), a full-size replica of the A400M´s cargo hold (photos left and centre above), has also entered service at the ITC where it is used for training loadmasters in handling full-size loads such as vehicles.

A400M cargo 2

Source / Author: Airbus Military

Photo: Airbus Military