ANTONOV at Le Bourget−2013

Within the period of June 17−23, 2013 the ANTONOV Company will present its modern programs at Le Bourget−2013 international aerospace show. Among these programs is the AN−148 and AN−158 the most dynamically developing regional jet family of new generation. At static displayed area and in the program of demonstrative flights aerospace show’s visitors will see the 99−seat AN−158. In April this year the first production AN−158 entered into service in Cubana de Aviacion airlines, Cuba. This aircraft with 97−seat layout was manufactured at ANTONOV Serial plant on order of Ilyushin Finance, the Russian leasing company.

The AN−148s have already occupied their place in the sky. At present, 18 such aircraft perform tasks for 7 carriers from 3 countries of the world. About 2 million people became their passengers. 6 AN−148s in basic version, the AN−148−100B, work intensively in the fleet of Rossiya Airlines. Every day they perform 6−8 flights, their monthly average flying time is more than 300 flight hours. Some AN−148−100B of this airline achieved reached record indices: with monthly average flying time in excess of 400 flight hours, 18 hours per day.

Three AN−148Bs fly on domestic and international routes of Ukrainian International Airlines. Russian air−carriers Polyot and Angara use the AN−148−100Es with the flight range increased to 4400 km.

Following customers’ demands and studying their requirements, ANTONOV is designing new airplanes of the family. One of them is the 89−seat AN−148−200.

On order of Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russian Federation a new model of the AN−148−100EM was developed, certified and passed into operation. It can be converted in any of 5 versions: Passenger, Command and Control, and three different passenger/ambulance configurations. VIP−version of the AN−148−100EA is being operated in an especial squadron of the President of Russian Federation.

The AN−148−300, that can deliver passengers on a distance of 7000 km, is also being designing. On its base the AN−148−300MP perspective aviation complex of maritime patrol and counteraction is being developing.

At the transport aircraft sector the ANTONOV Company will present the AN−70 STOL military freighter which has no equal in a number of characteristics. One of its unique characteristics is capability of take−off/ landing from short unpaved runways of 600−700 m while carrying up to 20 t cargo over a distance of 3000 km. The AN−70 cargo cabin dimensions allow it to accommodate all types of CIS and NATO military equipment and armament.

Among perspective projects, presented at the show, is the AN−178 new transport aircraft that is further development of the AN−148 and AN−158 regional jet family. Following world market trends, the AN−178 has been in demand for both military and civil application.

While participating at Le Bourget−2013 the ANTONOV Company is intended to conduct a number of negotiations with representatives of aviation industry and operators of lots of countries all over the world with a purpose of discussing possible directions of cooperation, including creation of new types of aeronautical engineering.

Source / Author: Antonov