Hesja’s Highs – new album with photographs by Slawomir Hesja Krajniewski is out. And available in English!

The best known Polish aviation photographer, Sławomir Hesja Krajniewski has relased yet second volume album containing his photos and air-show reports.

As Hesja himself says, the aim of the photos taken by him is nowhere near the aim that spotter photographers have, as he is trying to capture the dynamics of the moment. Hesja’s aviation photos are therefore nothing but outstanding feast for your eyes, showing the beauty and mightiness of the machines encapsulated and recorded through his lenses.

The album does not solely include the photos, but also dynamic descriptions that – believe me or not – do give you goosebumps.

Hesja, this time, did not forget about the foreign readership, as an English version of the album, unfortunately only in PDF has been published. Nevertheless, you can enjoy it even if you are not Polish, with the text displayed on your screen and the book in your hands – you can order the book and download the PDF file here: http://www.odlotyhesji.pl/oh2_eng.pdf


Photos: Sławomir Hesja Krajniewski