Crew Abandons Plane after Problem Arises

Two aerial crew members of the F-16D formation abandoned their plane a short hour ago before landing in Ramat David Airbase. The men weren’t harmed, though they were transferred to a medical facility for medical exams. At first glance it seems that the crew decided to abandon the aircraft after detecting a problem in the machine. Commander of the IAF, Major General Amir Eshel, ordered to stop all training in the F-16D Formation.

Operational missions will continue as planned. Commander of the IAF ordered the initiation of an investigation concerning the incident.

An executive in the force states that the pilot and navigator operated in accordance with protocol, as is instructed in simulator training. As a result of high speeds as the plane was landing, the crew suspected a risk of turnover that could risk their lives. The two crew members were able to act quickly and abandon the plane.

Source/Author: IAF

Photo: IAF