Sweden offers Gripen aircraft for Croatia

Eight Gripen aircraft are included in the offer submitted today to the Croatian government by the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency (FXM). 

Through FXM, the Swedish Government has submitted an offer including the sale of eight Gripen C/D aircraft. The offer also includes a support and training package for pilots and technicians, and a financing solution.

“We are pleased to present this offer which has been prepared in close collaboration with Croatia. The system has excellent capabilities to protect a country’s airspace and to participate in international missions. It fulfills NATO requirements for interoperability. Gripen is one of the most cutting edge fighters in the world while being efficient and robust with low lifecycle costs at the same time,” says Peter Göthe, Deputy Director-General at FXM.

“In order to ensure that the Croatian Air Force remains operative without interruption when its current MiG-21s are decommissioned, Sweden offers a solution where the Gripen C/D aircraft can be operative as soon as within one year after a contract is signed,” says Jerry Lindbergh, Programme Director for Croatia at FXM.

Swedish industry is also offering industrial cooperation via Saab, in connection with a purchase.

Gripen is operational in the Czech Republic, Hungary, South Africa and Thailand, apart from Sweden. All the Gripen operators collaborate on issues such as the exchange of operational experience and continued development in the cooperation forum, the Gripen User Group. In November last year Switzerland stated that Gripen will be part of that country’s future air defence.

Source/Author: FXM