Two AW139 twin-engine helicopters for Royal Thai Army

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Royal Thai Army has signed a contract for two AW139 twin-engine helicopters. These aircraft will be delivered in 2014 to perform transport and utility missions across the nation. 

The contract, which also includes a comprehensive maintenance and training package, marks the entrance of the AW139 into Thailand’s military helicopter market and further expands the success of the type in the country.

Vincenzo Alaimo, Head of Region, AgustaWestland, said “It gives us great pleasure to sign this contract with the Royal Thai Army to support their transport requirements. We are confident this model, thanks to its unmatched performance, comfort and safety, has significant potential in Thailand in the future.”

The Royal Thai Army adds to a growing number of military customers that have ordered or are already operating the AW139 for a wide range of roles including VVIP and government transport, utility, search and rescue, emergency medical service and homeland security. The armed forces of Ireland, Qatar, UAE, Italy and Egypt are just some of those operating the AW139 today.

The AW139 delivers best-in-class performance with a cruise speed of 165 knots (306 kph), a range in excess of 500 nm (927 km), endurance of 5 hours and superior hover performance. It also has the largest cabin in its class which can accommodate up to 15 passengers. The unobstructed cabin design allows maximum flexibility for different seating configurations and the transport of equipment. The baggage compartment provides a massive 3.4 cubic metres (120 cubic feet) of storage which is easily accessible from both the cabin and outside the helicopter.

The AW139 is the world’s best-selling helicopter in its class and the only new generation aircraft in its class in service today. Over 500 AW139s are now in service worldwide. Almost 170 customers from more than 50 countries have ordered nearly 650 AW139 helicopters so far.

Source/Author: AgustaWestland

Photo: AgustaWestland