Phase III of weapons assessment at Eglin completed

Hawker Beechcraft Defense Company (HBDC) today announced it has completed Phase III of a weapons assessment at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida after successfully employing more than 265 bombs and rockets, and firing 3,000 rounds from the AT-6’s .50-caliber guns. 

This week, during the Air Force Association’s 2012 Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition in Washington, D.C., the company shares the complete list of U.S. and NATO Standard weapons that have been integrated and tested to further demonstrate why the AT-6 is the most capable light attack aircraft in production.

During Phase III, the AT-6 became the first ever fixed-wing aircraft to successfully launch GATR, TALON and APKWS 2.75” laser-guided rockets and also achieved a direct hit with the AGM-114 Hellfire II P+ air-to-surface missile. Phases I and II of the weapons assessment included computer-aided deliveries of general purpose and laser-guided bombs, as well as air-to-ground and air-to-air gunnery using the aircraft’s two 50-caliber guns. All weapons testing was accomplished with oversight from the United States Air Force Air Armament Center and the Air National Guard and Air Reserve Command Test Center.

“The future of light attack is here today as proven by the ability of the AT-6 to employ a broad range of weapons that no other light attack aircraft has matched,” said Derek Hess, senior vice president, Business Development, HBDC. “The AT-6 leads the light attack field with demonstrated precision weapons capabilities that meet the USAF’s Building Partnership Capacity (BPC) needs.”

The following weapons have been integrated and tested on the AT-6:
— AGM-114 Hellfire II P+ Laser-Guided Missiles
— APKWS 2.75” Laser-Guided Rockets
— TALON 2.75” Laser-Guided Rockets
— GATR 2.75” Laser-Guided Rockets
— GBU-12 (500 lb.) Paveway II Laser-Guided Bomb
— GBU-58 (250 lb.) Paveway II Laser-Guided Bomb
— Mk-81 (250 lb.) General Purpose Bomb
— Mk-82 (500 lb.) General Purpose Bomb
— .50 Caliber Guns

The AT-6 is a multi-role, multi-mission aircraft system designed to meet the spectrum of needs for the emergent Light Attack mission. Leveraging a range of highly-specialized, but off-the-shelf capabilities, the AT-6 is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment such as Pratt and Whitney PT6A‑68D engine, CMC Esterline’s mission modified Cockpit 4000, Lockheed Martin’s A-10C-based mission system and L-3 WESCAM’s MX-15Di sensor suite.

The aircraft has successfully demonstrated high-end net-centric and light attack capabilities and full compatibility with U.S. and NATO Joint Terminal Attack Controller systems during the ANG Operational Assessment and Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment in 2010.

The AT-6 leads the Light Attack market with purpose-built capability, affordability, sustainability and interoperability for the most demanding of scenarios.

Hawker Beechcraft is a world-leading manufacturer of business, special mission, light attack and trainer aircraft. The company’s headquarters and major facilities are located in Wichita, Kan., with operations in Little Rock, Ark.; Chester, England, U.K.; and Chihuahua, Mexico.

Source/Author: Hawker Beechcraft

Photo: Hawker Beechcraft