Russian Helicopters at Africa Aerospace and Defence

Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of UIC Oboronprom, which in turn is a part of Russian Technologies State Corporation will present an extensive model line-up at Africa Aerospace and Defence, the international arms and military equipment show taking place on September 19-23 in Pretoria, South Africa.

Russia is expected to be one of the largest exhibitors at the event, along with Germany and the US, and Russian Helicopters will showcase both civilian and military helicopters (the latter in conjunction with Rosoboronexport).

Russian Helicopters and Denel Aviation will hold a joint conference on new service and maintenance options for African operators of Russian-built helicopters. The conference will highlight the Mi-171A2 and Ansat, two models that offer great possibilities for Africa, and will also include a presentation on the development of a regional after-sales care network for Russian helicopters across the continent. The final section of the conference will be a question-and-answer session

The Company will demonstrate the new light multirole Ansat, available in various modifications to suit local operating conditions, and its possibilities for the commercial civil aviation market. The Ansat is an advanced solution to Africa’s growing demand for light utility helicopters. Versions of the Ansat can be adapted for the needs of passenger and cargo transportation companies, medical and emergency services, and police and other law-enforcement agencies. The Ansat’s key advantages are ease of operation and maintenance.

Russian Helicopters is also promoting the medium multirole Ka-32A11BC, which was certificated by the EASA in 2009 and is now being delivered to buyers on all continents (two are already operational in North Africa). Thanks to its coaxial rotor system, the Ka-32A11BC can hover with a high degree of precision and is extremely manoeuvrable – both qualities that are essential for complex construction operations such as installing power lines in remote and challenging terrain. Another competitive advantage is the Ka-32A11BC’s fire-fighting capabilities, also using horizontal water cannon. A helicopter fitted out for fire-fighting operations will be on show in Pretoria.

Also on display will be a new model for 2012: the medium multi-role Ka-62, which made its international debut at the Farnborough International Airshow in the UK in July.

Another Russian Helicopters innovation on show at Africa Aerospace and Defence will be the Mi-171A2, the latest upgrade to the Mi-8/17 family – traditionally extremely popular in Africa – incorporating the latest advances in helicopter-building technology. Innovations for the Mi-171A2 include a new and improved rotor system with composite blades, a stronger transmission system and an X-shaped tail rotor. The Mi-171A2’s avionics suite has a glass cockpit, with multifunctional LCD displays replacing the traditional analogue instruments and making flight information easier for the pilot to read. The Mi-171A2 can transport both passengers and cargo and carry out medevac and search-and-rescue operations, as well as meet the maritime border monitoring requirements of African countries.

In addition to civilian helicopters, the joint Russian Helicopters/Oboronexport display will showcase the Mi-35M – a multipurpose military transport helicopter capable of day/night operation in even the most adverse weather conditions.

Source/Author: Russian Helicopters