SWE-DISH CommuniCase®Technology CCT120 from Rockwell

The Rockwell Collins SWE-DISH CommuniCase®Technology CCT120 satellite manportable terminal recently excelled at this summer’s U.S. Army’s Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) 12.2.

The objective scoring system is based on criteria such as integration, performance, set up, port density, size, weight, power and complexity to operate.

The NIE consists of a series of semi-annual field exercises to evaluate, integrate, and mature the Army’s tactical network. During the evaluations, the Army integrates and assesses network and non-network capabilities. Soldiers used the systems under evaluation at NIE 12.2 in scenarios that mimic real mission conditions to evaluate whether the systems offer clear enhancements over legacy equipment in specific areas of special interest or gaps in current equipment capabilities. Rockwell Collins participated in the Company Command Post (CoCP) system equipment evaluation.

Soldiers operated the Rockwell Collins CCT120 during extreme dust and heavy rain conditions with no issues. Steady network coverage was observed during severe weather. Performance measurements taken during thunderstorms were no different from measurements taken in fairer weather, validating CCT120’s reputation for reliability in adverse weather conditions.

Additionally, the Rockwell Collins CCT120 proved fast and easy to set up in under 30 minutes, significantly faster than required. The CCT120 has a small foot print when stowed and packed in transit cases. Its smaller size and lighter weight enabled the cased system to fit in one Humvee increasing the units’ transportability and mobility.

“The results of the evaluation prove that the CCT120 supports higher wideband data rates out to the tactical edge at the company level,” said Bob Haag, vice president and general manager of Communication and Navigation Products for Rockwell Collins. “NIE 12.2 provided us with the unique opportunity for both laboratory and warfighter feedback on our newer technologies. Our investment in NIE 12.2 provided us with a wealth of information from a key constituency in a very short time period.”

Source/Author: Rockwell Collins