Su-35 flight tests

 Flight tests with actual combat employment of the Su-35S super-maneuverable multi-purpose fighter aircraft are currently being held under the State Joint Tests (SJT) program at the National Flight Test Center of the Russian Air Force. The resulting technical and accuracy characteristics of the surveillance-aiming systems and combat modes are largely consistent with the stated technical specifications.

Over the course of the SJT program a significant amount of flights was done to evaluate the flight technical characteristics, the durability, stability and control, the propulsion and avionics complex. The important ground and flight tests were carried out to verify the operation of the information and control system, the communication complex, the navigation and radar systems. The Sukhoi Design Bureau and Sukhoi subcontractors are actively working for the ground testing of aircraft systems and complexes.

The total number of flights under the test program up till now exceeded 650.

The Su-35 is a thoroughly upgraded super-maneuverable fighter of the 4++ generation. It employs technologies of the 5th generation that assure its superiority over similar class fighters. The special features of the aircraft include a new avionics suite based on digital information control system integrating onboard systems, a new phased antenna array radar with a long aerial target detection range and with an increased number of simultaneously tracked and engaged targets and new enhanced vectored thrust engines.

Source/Author: Suchoj

Photo: Suchoj