Six Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons at Anatolian Eagle

Six Italian Air Force (ItAF) Eurofighter Typhoons from the 4th Wing in Grosseto and the 36th Wing in Gioia del Colle participated in the multi-national exercise “Anatolian Eagle” from the 11th to 22nd June 2012 in Turkey.

Image: An Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon takes off from Konya air base in Turkey for exercise Anatolian Eagle. Credit: Eurofighter/Giovanni CollaThe renowned exercise took place at Konya air base and saw participation from around 80 aircraft from Turkey, Italy, Jordan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and NATO.For the fifth time, the Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons played a major role in the exercise which is designed to enhance operations in complex combat environments and develop the interoperability of different air forces.

“Anatolian Eagle” 2012 was the ideal setting for the Italian Eurofighter Typhoons to share their combat experience gained in Libya last year and to demonstrate the aircraft’s air patrolling and air superiority capabilities. NATO’s Operation Unified Protector, highlighted a need for prompt action in situations of international crisis and a need for extreme accuracy, flexibility and seamless integration of weapon systems.

Source/Author: Eurofighter