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Sweden in talks with Switzerland about Gripen

Today, Friday 29 June, Sweden’s Minister for Defence Karin Enström visited Switzerland for a bilateral meeting with her Swiss colleague, Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer. 

During the visit, a declaration of intent was signed (see attachment), investigating possibilities of increased co-operation in the area of defence and security. The focus of this greater co-operation is the possible joint procurement of the next version of Gripen (Gripen E/F).

Negotiations are currently underway between the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency (FXM) and Swiss authorities to draw up a proposal for the contents of a joint procurement.

„We welcome the on-going dialogue and the Declaration of Intent between Sweden and Switzerland about a potential acquisition of Gripen as well as co-operation in other areas within security and defence. We are very proud to have been selected preferred choice for Switzerland to replace their current F-5 aircraft and look forward to provide Switzerland with their fighter for the future, Gripen”, says Lennart Sindahl at Aeronautics.

Source/Author: Saab

Autor: dr Krzysztof Kuska

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