Airbus Military has signed a MoU with Turkish Aerospace Industries

Airbus Military has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) to establish a joint company in Turkey. The MoU was signed in a ceremony attended by Airbus Military Service Programme Manager Turkey, Matthias Fink, TAI Chairman of the Board, Yalçın Kaya and TAI Senior Vice President, Aerostructures Group, Bekir Ata Yılmaz

Airbus Military Turkey (AMTR) will be a newly-formed company, under Turkish laws, to provide in-service support (ISS) services for the A400M aircraft ordered by Turkey with the potential to provide services to other A400M users in the future. The company will be jointly owned by TAI and Airbus Military and operated at a mutually agreed location in Turkey to be decided. The next stage of the discussions will focus on the definition of the organizational structure of AMTR as well as determining the capital requirements of AMTR.

Turkey is a partner nation in the A400M programme with an order of 10 A400M aircraft, which will require in-service support. TAI is the Industrial Partner of the A400M programme in Turkey and responsible for design, development and delivery of airframe and aircraft systems such as the forward centre fuselage, rear fuselage components, ailerons, spoilers, lights and water/waste systems.

Airbus Military CEO Domingo Ureña Raso said: “We are very satisfied to have reached this first step in the partnership for providing ISS to the Turkish A400M fleet with our partner TAI. TAI is a long standing partner of Airbus and Airbus Military and this first agreement will establish a strong in-country footprint to ensure a smooth entry into service and comprehensive support for the operation of the fleet. We are now looking forward to the next steps for concluding the provision of the ISS to Turkey and to further broaden our links with the Turkish aerospace industry.”

TAI Chairman Yalçın Kaya said: “We have started working on A400M in 2003 as a partner in AMSL, having important design and manufacturing responsibilities. Design phase of the aircraft is almost completed and serial production started. Now it is time to continue our support in the sustainment phase of the program. This TAI-AMSL partnership (JV) is aimed at providing cost-effective logistic solutions to the Turkish Air Force with the possibility for expanding the service to future potential customers.”

Source/Author: Airbus Military