Teflon hose produced by Russian Helicopters and Eaton

Russian Helicopters, part of Russian state defence industry holding Oboronprom, and Eaton have launched jointed production of Teflon hose in Russia using Eaton technology.

Eaton’s Teflon hose is being produced at the National Helicopter R&D Centre in Tomilino, near Moscow, where Russian Helicopters has brought together the intellectual assets of the Mil and Kamov construction bureaus. The hose will be installed on machines produced at the holding’s facilities across Russia, including in Rostov-on-Don, Kazan and Ulan Ude.

The first consignment of Russian-made Teflon hose is already ready for installation on civilian model Mi-8/17 helicopters. The parties have also agreed to expand the range of hose produced for other types of Russian-made helicopters.

The flexible hose or piping is suitable for use in a number of contexts in aeroplanes or helicopters, including the hydraulic, fuel, oxygen, engine oil and other systems. The tubes last for the whole working life of the helicopter or aeroplane – an average of 20 years – providing significant economies on maintenance costs.

Hose produced using Eaton’s technology has many characteristics that make it superior to that of other producers. For example, in terms of fire resistance it can contain a dry fire for 15 minutes. The durability of Eaton’s products is exceptional, enabling them to be used in a helicopter almost indefinitely.

The production line is certified to comply with Eaton’s quality management system and quality requirements. Eaton monitors quality standards on a daily basis to ensure that all products meet the company’s rigorous standards.

Russian Helicopters plans to create a joint line of hose with Eaton for different models of Mi and Ka helicopters.

Andrei Shibitov, Chief Operating Officer of Russian Helicopters, said: “Russian Helicopters is one of the world’s leading helicopter builders and works closely with international companies on its production. By using Eaton’s innovative technology and other joint projects with leading companies in their sectors, we can improve our products and bring up to date our helicopters already in use around the world.”

Yury Lebedev, head of aerospace projects for Eaton in Russia, said: “Eaton has certified production in the Moscow region, and the hose line has also undergone certification to the international aerospace standard AS 9100. Special equipment has been installed in a separate production workshop at the National Helicopter R&D Centre and is being used to produce flexible pipes using our technology. Different types of piping for other models of Russian-made helicopters could be created in the next few years.”

Eaton and Russian Helicopters signed an agreement on cooperation at the Le Bourget air show in Paris in 2009.

Source/Author: Russian Helicopters