A-HUMS from Russian Helicopters

Russian Helicopters, part of the Russian state defence industry holding Oboronprom and a leading global designer and manufacturer of helicopters, including a number of the most renowned, innovative and widely used models, are pleased to present the Advanced Health and Usage Monitoring System (A-HUMS). A-HUMS is a promising development project that will substantially increase flight safety, which is a top priority for Russian Helicopters, whose rotorcraft today fly in more than 100 countries worldwide. A-HUMS will provide full control over a helicopter’s technical condition in real time, increase the aircraft usability factor and reduce ownership costs, which is certainly of interest to commercial operators, as well as help to plan the service maintenance.

This new development along with other technological innovations in helicopter manufacturing were demonstrated today at Stand F3/1-6/A (Pavilion F3) at the second international Engineering Technologies – 2012 forum, where Oboronprom and Russian Helicopters have set up a joint exhibit.

The Advanced Health and Usage Monitoring System via sensors and signals received from aircraft systems can in real time discover and diagnose situations in which mechanical units and/or components face a risk of failure, determine trim balance and constantly monitor the blade track of the main rotor, which is a critically important component providing the helicopter with lift and flight control.

In addition to flight safety, one of the main market demands is to reduce helicopters’ direct operating costs as well as to improve their economic effectiveness. A-HUMS will help helicopter operators plan ahead for maintenance of their fleets taking into consideration the actual wear on mechanical units and components.

It is expected that using the onboard diagnostics system and its ground-based unit with a shared database, a service specialist can access all the necessary information about the condition of specific components and units, for example, the engines, structural system, transmission, etc. The ongoing monitoring of the technical condition of the helicopter will help to properly plan the next service maintenance. Installation of A-HUMS on Russian-made helicopters will substantially lower the volume and cost of servicing – information about the use of each helicopter and data on the need for technical servicing can be transmitted in real time to the unified service centre of the global system of integrated logistics support now being created by Russian Helicopters.

Source/Author: Rusian Helicopters